Whoa Whoa Whoa China, Thats our neodymium!

recent developments such as photovoltaic panels ( solar panels) have caused a high demand precious metals that have not been of such high importance in the past. The US has large quantities of these precious metals and we have had pressure from world powers such as china to export them in high quantities. Some say these metals could cause the next “oil crisis.” Lets hope not because its on US soil. These metals are found in cell phones and laptops as well which we are using at a highly disposable rate now. We have created recycling plans for these metals which will help but once the solar craze gets going, these metals will run out quite fast. Ties with other world powers will surely be corrupted because there seems to be no easy way around this issue. You think green electric cars are a great idea? They require tons of these metals. These cars are the future of transportation and along with PV panels these metals will be used up at a tremendous rate!

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