Watch out Mississippi, its not over yet!

Just as it seems the Gulf Coast couldnt get any worse, there seems to be a serious issue on the rise. The Chandeleur Islands-Biloxi Marsh system is on its last lifeline. These islands are just off the coast of Mississippi and take the majority of the wave break, protecting the coastline. These islands are slowly disappearing which means the coastline will begin to take a lot more harsh waves and the the marshland before the coastline will most likely disappear with the islands. This will cause great trouble for Mississippi if hurricanes continue to batter the gulf coast. These islands were its last line of defense. The islands have been said to be ” past the point of recovery by scientists working to preserve them. the disappearance of these islands will also mean the disappearance of the wildlife who call the islands and marshland home. Its sad that we cannot do anything to change this string of events, but we must adapt to an ever changing environment.

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