Turning Over a New Leaf

Renewable energy is a lynch pin in the Green Movement and has been recently enjoying a growing base of supporters. People everywhere are doing the little things that help, turning over excess lights, recycling, buying energy efficient appliances, even installing devices like solar panels on their home to reduce their draw from the electric grid. One of the largest producers of CO2 emissions impacting the environment negatively is gasoline fueled automobiles. Yep, cars. I was dead set for the longest time on wrangling myself a Prius, me and my little Japanese princess were going to change the world one non-believer at a time. But our romance will never be, I’ve found another, a car that is not just a hybrid but completely electric, the way of the future. I can see it now gas stations and fill ups being replaced by state of the art charging stations, power the stations with renewable energy sources and your really cooking. There have even been attempts at such charging stations available at locations your already driving to in their parking lots. Take a look at the image below.

Imagine that cutting out the middle man entirely, who wants to make an additional stop when driving somewhere? You want to go to the mall so you hop in your electric car and go, it charges while your there (if needed at all) and then drive home. It’s something we haven’t had a say in until now, pretty progressive thinking if you ask me. The Prius is the prototypical green car, the first that comes to mind when your thinking environmental impact but all of that is about to change, auto companies have been hit hard and in response have had to get inventive to keep from going under. Each car company has their own project either in production or on the streets but I’m getting myself a Nissan Leaf. Heres what you need to know.

• zero tailpipe emissions/Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV)
• (It doesn’t even have a tailpipe)
• 100% electric – no gas required
• high response 80kW AC synchronous electric motor
• range – 100 miles/charge based upon US EPA LA4 City cycle2
• speeds up to 90 mph
• 5 passengers, 5 doors
• CARWINGS™ (A GPS and Onstar but better wrapped into one)

Take a peak at the interior, its border line a spaceship on wheels. This is the car of tomorrow today, and I can’t wait to get my hands behind the wheel.

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3 Responses to Turning Over a New Leaf

  1. danbailey11 says:

    I keep hearing about electric cars but I haven’t seen one actually advertised. I would imagine it would be a bit pricy. Just hope your battery doesn’t die and there is no charger around. Then you would wish you had a gas guzzler.

  2. kevinhornik says:

    Class post ckloepfer! ElEcTrIc CaRs?! I mean WOW! I also think the idea of having charging stations at public places like malls and so on is a great idea, assuming we take the electric car route. Good find! America salutes you.

  3. jasonrossetti says:

    I think we need to slow down a bit. These cars will be a great idea but are still not practical. 100 miles on one charge isnt quite worth the pretty penny for this car. I give it 5 years till these are worth their price and can keep up with our traveling society.

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