The Bridge Over the River Kwai

Everybody loves a good river whether your fishing, napping or having a nice little picnic, rivers are always an attraction and the following are some of the nicest wet spots on the map. Rivers irrigate crops which is necessary for agriculture, they generate renewable energy through tidal turbines and have a positive impact on the environment and human kind. Check out my top three starting with the classic Amazon. Beginning in Brazil and traveling through Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia and Venezuela before emptying into the Atlantic Ocean, the Amazon is perhaps the most record-breaking river in the world. It is the largest (2.7 million sq. miles), the widest (202 miles wide at its mouth; 6.8 miles wide along its path) and among the longest (4,000 miles) and deepest (300 feet in some spots). It is also called the “Ocean River” because it boasts the greatest total discharge of all rivers—between 9 million and 32 million gallons per second—which is 20 percent of the world’s freshwater ocean discharge. The Amazon is all a nd good but how do you feel about the Caño Cristales! Also in South America.

Starting in the Andean foothills of the Amazon rainforest in Colombia, the “river that ran away from paradise” is generally regarded as the most beautiful in the world due to its brief seasonal blooming of colorful bottom-feeding algae. In full glory during late October and early November when the water level is just right, vibrant blotches of reds, oranges, yellows, greens and blues paint its water—turning the surface into a virtual rainbow. Lets hop across the pond and take a peak at the Danube River in Europe. At 1,770 miles long, the Danube is the second longest river in Europe after the Volga. But unlike the Volga, which only runs through Russia, the Danube snakes through Germany, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Romania and the Ukraine before emptying into the Black Sea. Vital to the settlement and political evolution of central and southeastern Europe, the Danube’s banks are lined with castles and fortresses as it was the boundary between so many great empires. Today the lower portion of the Danube is a major avenue for freight transport, while the upper Danube is an important source of hydroelectricity. I would have to say that this is my favorite based solely on the fact that it is used as a source of hydroelectricity. I think that if all natural recourses are used to supplement the energy load then our environment we be all the better for it.

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One Response to The Bridge Over the River Kwai

  1. jasonrossetti says:

    Its pretty cool how the harness the rivers for hydro power. Glad to see some countries are using rivers to their full advantage. Its great that they are beautiful but yet are still useful to society. I feel like the US must find a way to meet usefulness and beauty in what we do.

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