Solar Activity and Local Climate

Contrary to what one might believe, it seems that high amounts of solar activity actually have a cooling effect on water temperature. According to Dr.Raimund Muscheler from Department of Earth and Ecosystem Sciences at Lund University in Sweden, high solar activity between 7 and 11,000 years ago, during the Holocene Period, water temperatures in the south pacific actually were under a cooling trend. This is most likely due to a change in water circulation due to the solar activity. The changes from the Holocene Period were detected by examining plankton taken from drilled cores.

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2 Responses to Solar Activity and Local Climate

  1. jasonrossetti says:

    Are you saying that although our atmosphere is warming, our oceans are getting colder? pretty interesting. seems like a tough concept to grasp though. more and more evidence to disprove global warming. i like it

  2. ckloepfer says:

    The sun is a tricky mistress! I’m writing a blog right now about it! and I found your post thought provoking.

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