Panama Canalled all over Panama

Pardon tehe cheesy topic. Its getting late and I’m down to the wire. Research shows that A massive earthquake could be brewing around panama city. This is bad news for the people of Panama and those who are affected by the panama canal ( aka everyone). The Limon and Pedro Miguel faults in Central Panama have ruptured meaning that there is high potential for a large earthquake in the near future.The Republic of Panama sits atop two colliding tectonic plates: The Central Plate and South America Plate and is internally deforming at a significant rate. If an earthquake occurs, there would be economic disaster in SOuth America and all around the world. The Panama canal is the busiest shipping route and an earthquake would stop all shipping and if any damage is done, the canal could be out of commission for a very long time. Hopefully it was built to withstand strong seismic activity… Glad I dont live in Panama!

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  1. ckloepfer says:

    thats sounds terrible, a lot of geological processes are interrelated. it’s crazy how everything effects… well everything. great post.

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