It’s snowing in Charlotte… Global what?

On the topic of controversial issues, I looked outside and saw a few flurries. Ive been called a skeptic by many and I tend to stray away from societal norm of worrying about global warming. Recently Al Gore received a Nobel Peace Prize for his work in ” An Inconvenient Truth.” He has all all of Florida worried that if they dont recycle their water bottles then they will be living under water in a few years. It seems that no matter what “proof” environmentalists bring to the table about how we are warming up the atmosphere, there are just as many facts proving that it is because of natural causes and that we have nothing to worry about. Granted just because we dont have to worry about it, that does not mean we shouldn’t try to clean up the environment. I think the fear factor has worn off because we havent seen significant changes to our environment and since we dont see results from our recycling people have begun to stop caring or worrying so much about Al Gore’s threatening message. The best thing that has happened since the green movement is an economic boom in green products. Im not saying these new green products actually do anything for the environment, but they persuade consumers to spend a bit more or buy something newer in order to make themselves feel better about themselves because they are “helping the environment.” I hope that this trend continues and that it will help bring our economy back up to where it should be…jr

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1 Response to It’s snowing in Charlotte… Global what?

  1. ckloepfer says:

    testify. I think we should get a posse together clean up the streets.

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