Its a bird, its a plane, no its a giant dragonfly!

It crazy as it sounds. Its True! scientists have been raising dragonflies in habitats representing environments millions of years ago. Oxygen levels millions of years ago were well above the levels today. Organisms back then were much larger than those today and the high oxygen levels have a large part to do with that. These dragon flies have a wingspan up to 28 inches. Thats a big insect! Besides dragonflies, they have grown cockroaches and other types of insects and proven that the higher amount of oxygen present, the bigger then insect grows. This seems a bit scary because if this is true with all organisms, we have the ability to harvest basketball players. It seems a lot like a real like frankenstine story. We all saw how poorly that turned out in the book.( which you all probably read in grade school) I think that we should stop trying these things unless they are completely essential to helping the human race, possibly with physical mutations or injuries.

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