Iraq up some water bottles

If Iraq didnt have enough on its plate. They are no facing desperate measures dealing with water management. The majority of their water comes from the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. Unfortunately between pollution and war, water supply has been limited and dirty. Their water management situation has been describes as ” fallen into despair.” These poor people are dealing with wars and hard times and now cannot get a drink of water. The United Stataes has been implementing new advanced water management systems to help keep track of where the clean water is going and how much of it is going where. This is a very important thing to a war torn country and it is good to see the Unites States recognizing this and trying to help. With the new technology and new ideas, we feel that Iraq will be able to manage their water supply independently in the next few years.

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One Response to Iraq up some water bottles

  1. ckloepfer says:

    I’m telling you water is the next oil. start locking it up now. liquid gold baby. great post.

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