Honey, The carrots taste like LEAD!

This may be what you hear at the dinner table if you live in the north east and grow your own vegetables. Researches are finding very high levels on lead in the soil throughout the nation and especially in the north east where there is much older soil. This happens by wind and rain splashing lead based things and then bringing them into the soil in which we grow our precious vegetables. There have been recent innovations such as raised gardens so let the rain water drain out, however this is not helping as much as we’d hope. Luckily we have found that this lead does not have a substantial impact on our bodies and our bodies are good at ridding themselves of the lead quite quickly. There really isnt much we can do to rid the soil of lead because they say the lead can be traced to houses with lead paint being burnt down centuries ago. We’ll have to get used to roasted carrots o’lead.

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