Around 345 millions years ago our earth’s land masses made the very slow progression in forming one land mass. This land mass was called Pangea. The formation of Pangea was also a mountain forming event. During its formation the Appalachian Mountains were formed and it is estimated that the peak was higher than Mt. Everest. The Russian Ural mountains as well as the African Atlas Mountains were also formed. What was Pangea like? The lands of Pangea were covered with large trees and Ferns. There were very few incests and reptiles when Pangea formed. Around 280 mya near the end of the permian period mammal like reptiles were present on the land. However they wouldn’t be present for long because towards the end of the permian period and the beginning of the Triassic period 95% of all species went extinct.  There are many theories to what happened to cause the mass extinction. The Triassic period was host to the worlds first mammals and turtles. However the biggest ruler in the Triassic Period was Dinosaurs. Later in the Triassic period and early in the Jurassic period, Pangea started to break apart. Around 65 mya the continents were on their way to the present positions they are at now.

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  1. ckloepfer says:

    Learning about Tectonic Plate movement really put the geologic clock into perspective for me I had always thought that it started as Pangea and all broke apart but learning about Rodinia and others made it pretty clear that the Earth just keeps on spinning.

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