Faults, trenches and the Ring of Fire

There are volcanoes all over our planet and earthquakes are a common occurrence, according to Dr. Gerard Fryer, of the Hawaii Institute of Geophysics & Planetology at the University of Hawaii, Honolulu, the surface of the earth is in a constant slow motion, this phenomenon is known as plate tectonics, the motion of immense rigid plates, at the surface of the Earth in response to flow of rock within the Earth. Tectonic plates cover the entire surface of the globe and since the plates are always moving there are different things that can occur. One thing that happens is they rub against each other like at the San Andreas Fault in California, this is known as a transform fault. At other places where two (2) plates converge like at the Peru-Chile Trench this is a Subduction zone. The most volcanically active belt on Earth is known as The Ring of Fire. The faults in The Ring of Fire run north from the Kermadec Trench in the southwest portion of the Pacific Ocean across the Aleutian Trench to the northern edge, down the western coast of North America, past the Middle American Trench and ending at the Peru-Chilie Trench There have been 20 major earthquakes over the past 50 years in this region. The Ring of Fire is also home to 452 volcanos’, many of which have erupted over the past one hundred years.

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One Response to Faults, trenches and the Ring of Fire

  1. ckloepfer says:

    I think that the Ring of Fire is one of the coolest things out there, it’s crazy what just occurs naturally in the world. google Socotra. ah only in Yeman.

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