To Drill or not to Drill…What do you,think Sarah Palin?

It’s getting late in the semester and I have decided to roll out some pretty controversial issues. What fun is a blog without some political spin anyways? TOpic: Drilling in Alaska. I went to fill my car up yesterday and noticed a price tag of 3.21 a gallon. This could mean 2 things.. Our economy is starting to get back in shape or that our resources again are becoming an issue. We as a country are stuck in quite a pickle and we cant decide if we want cheaper gas or a “greener” planet. Fortunately we can make sense of the whole thing by drilling in Alaska while we figure out a way to make our cars run on water or whatever they say the next fuel is. Alaska has ALOT of oil that we NEED. not only would it reward us with cheaper gas prices, it will provide many of the much needed jobs American’s are searching for.. if they want to move to alaska.. ( i hear winter’s are chilly). It would decrease our dependence on foreign oil and who knows, may loosen tensions between us and a few middle- eastern countries who we are not on the best of terms with. IT will show that we are the Great American’s who we say we are and can live independently of those who we are trying of get rid of. Sarah Palin has given her approval of the plan and who else would know better of the subject?? She’s proven her knowledge of how we are ally’s with North Korea so we know she knows her stuff.. oh wait we aren’t ally’s with North Korea..Well you know what I mean. Lets give it a shot!

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2 Responses to To Drill or not to Drill…What do you,think Sarah Palin?

  1. ckloepfer says:

    it’s time to switch to solar!… or wind, or tidal, or geothermal. I’m totally going to drive. a leaf.

  2. danbailey11 says:

    I agree, sooner rather than later Oil is going to run out or be at a very high shortage. Something is going to have to be done to find other alternatives.

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