Dubai Coastline

I have had mixed feelings about the new Wonderful world of Dubai and am blogging to ask what you all think about the situation. After the construction of the Palm Islands, many thought they would settle down and try to earn their money back and test out their new world. instead, they broke ground on THE WORLD which is a series of manmade sand islands which take the shape of the continents and then the world. Although this sounds cool and interesting, I have done some research and have fund out that it is not the most sensible ecologic endeavor. There have been coral reefs ruined and covered by sand dunes as well as garbage dumped all along the coastline which is getting stuck in the newly created wave currents around the islands. Although the creators swear that no ecological harm is being done in DUbai it is hard to believe there are no negative impacts. I think the idea of owning a man made sand dune will get old after owners will be constantly paying to dump more sand on their island because the water will be taking it away as fast as they put it up. WHat do you think?

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2 Responses to Dubai Coastline

  1. danbailey11 says:

    Even if it has ecological problems or hazards, you must admit it is pretty impressive and cool. I would love to visit Dubai one day.

  2. kevinhornik says:

    This is just AWESOME! Dubai is such an interesting area with all the development going on there. I always wondered if there were environmental repercussions to what they are doing. I guess the coast and ocean life is being effected.

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