Colombia Landslide

This past year, Colombia has been experiencing torrential rain downpours due to the La Nina weather phenomenon. So far, 170 people have been killed this year, mostly in recent months, due to the rains and floods while 1.5 million others have also been affected. On Sunday in Bello, near Antioquia province’s capital Medellin, a sudden hillside collapsed. This landslide buried and destroyed at least 50 homes. Rescue workers have uncovered 23 bodies so far, but about 100 people still remained missing and then feared dead after a small landslide in a Medellin suburb. Among the 23 bodies that were recovered from the landslide, 11 of them were that of children. Many people lost their homes due to the landslide, while some just endured heavy damage. Witnesses to the landslide stated that it sounded as if a bomb had erupted when the landslide occurred. People living in Colombia said that due to the landslide, the ground shook powerfully and rocks were falling hard and rapidly down the slope. The landslide was called an “announced tragedy,” and the disaster was blamed on a rubble heap at the top of the hillside where the slide took place. It was reported that due to the immense amount of rainfall the country has received over the past few months, the number of homeless could reach up to 2 million due to all the water damage or home loss. This is an example of how easily disasters can occur and the ways in which geology can alter and sway our lives and lifestyle.

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  1. danbailey11 says:

    I can only imagine the devastation in Columbia and this is a very sad event. I have seen landslides on TV before and you can only be amazed at the powerful force mother nature has.

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