North Carolina Geology from South Mountain

Today, our small group, me, Wendy,Bill and Dr.Pillar, took a trip to South Mountain to study the geology of North Carolina.
We had a chance to study very interesting and amazing geology from South Mountain trip. On the South Mountain, we saw a lot of sedimentary rocks, igneous rocks and metamorphic rocks but not completely metamorphic rocks. We also had a chance to see many physical and chemical weathering, foliation,erosion and so on.
We had a chance to see metagraywacke.It is very interesting. It will be metamorphic rocks later but not now and it is now sedimentary rock. We saw physical weathering on it like fraction and also chemical weathering such as biological action and so on.
We also had a chance to study Exfoliation. It is a direct result of heavy rains and high winds generated by Hurricane Hugo in 1989. It is very high rock slide and very interesting.
Do you know what is Potholes? Don’t worry if you don’t know.Me either!!!!!!!! Dr.Pillar said potholes is a kind of erosional features created when free pebbles and sediment carried by the river grind into the rock in a swirling motion.
On the way to the top of the mountain, we saw different types and colors of rock allergy like brown, green or red allergy, also many fracturing. We also see many striation on the rocks. These are like layers on the rocks but Dr.Pillar said these are not layers.
In a nutshell, I had a chance to study the North Carolina geology from the South Mountain certainly. It was a wonderful trip for me, with my friendly classmates and helpful professor.
P.S On the way of going down, we were walking in the big snow. I had never seen snow and it was my very first experience in the snow. By the way, it was amazing trip.

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3 Responses to North Carolina Geology from South Mountain

  1. maxkaczynski says:

    Ahhh I wanted to go so badly! but I just couldn’t go… Great pictures, i’m glad I can see what yo guys go to experience. It looks awesome and I really would have loved to see the snow with you guys! I had no idea what potholes were, so I’m glad you pointed those out.. I just googled them. It’s amazing how little pebbles and do this to larger rock! The shapes and smoothness are cool. I want to go on the next hike.

  2. Yin Thu Htin says:

    We also missed you guys. It was amazing trip for me. thanks but unfortunately, I think we have no next bike.

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