Quick Sand

Growing up we all seen those movies when people use to get trapped in quick sand and didn’t make it out alive. As a child I use to be scared that one day I was going to fall in quick sand. However Hollywood transformed quick sand for their use and created a huge myth about it. Quick Sand is made up of light sand blended with water or soil and gritty mud. Quick sand is usually found near deltas of rivers or by shores where layers of clay below collect and retain water. The truth is that it is almost impossible to drown in quick sand and it is also very hard to escape out of quicksand. In movies when they have a horse or somebody using a object to pull you out is also false. The force needed to pull somebody out of quicksand would be equivalent to the force needed to lift an average size family car. The best way to get out if you were ever stuck in quick sand would be to make small circles with each part of your body. This brings back water between the sand and clay particles reducing the density which makes it easier for somebody to help you out. So if you every fall in quicksand you might be stuck for a while but you certainly won’t drown.

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