Petra – The beautiful creations

Petra is a historic city in the country of Jordan and is famous for the amazing buildings that has been cut out of the mountains. Most of the creations is carved out of sandstone and the city was as good as unknown to the world until Johann Ludwig Burckhardt found it in 1812. Petra has also earned a lot of different honors, such as «one of the 40 places you have to visit before you die» by BBC and also chosen as one of the seven in «The Seven Wonders of the World».

The most famous place in Petra is called «Al Khazneh»(picture on top of this post) and people think that it was built as a place for bandits to hide their treasures. That is also what the name means, it is Arabic for “Treasury”. There is also found and stone urn and the stories say that the bandits hid their treasures in it. Today, you can see obvious bullet holes in it, which is believed to be from people trying to shoot at the urn in hope that the loot would fall out. A lot of the details from the buildings has eroded or been defaced over a long time and is therefore partially or completely “washed” away. Al Khazneh was also used in the famous Indiana Jones movie from 1989, called “The Last Crusade”, where it played the role as the final entrance to the place where they would find “the holy grail”. The movie got a lot of good reviews, it was directed by the famous Steven Spielberg and had actors like Harrison Ford and Sean Connery.

This is a another popular building to visit and it is called the “Ad Deir” which means “The Monastery” in Arabic. This is the biggest building in Petra and has also been discovered as a burial chamber, but with a carved cross, it is believed to has been a church and an important place for the people to meet. To explore all of Petra and it’s beautiful architecture, would take you several days. Another spots that would be worth taking a look at is the theater, the kings burial chambers and the amazing path you have to go through to get to Petra. The mountains has been dragged apart, like a divergent plate, which has made some incredible patterns and colors. There is a picture of it below.

A weird thing about Petra is that they really know how to use their position as one of the most interesting places in the world and they have set up a ticket system for tourist, meaning that you pay a lot of money for 1 day, but almost half-price if you have documentation that your staying in a hotel for the night. So it is cheaper to stay for 3-4 days than for 1 day, if you think about the ticket. Either way, Petra is going to be worth every dollar and I can’t wait to visit this unbelievable place.

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3 Responses to Petra – The beautiful creations

  1. wiley10 says:

    These creations are absolutely beautiful! It provides a good example of taking what Earth gave us and putting it to good use. I’d like to see one of those built today…the only issue would be heating, cooling, electricity, etc, pretty much everything we’ve gotten so used to that we could live without!

  2. Yin Thu Htin says:

    Very good post!!!!!!!!!! These are really amazing!!!!! I can’t wait to visit there and I think I have to visit before I die because these are one of 40 places which I have to visit before I die. Thanks for showing us many kinds of amazing places.

  3. danbailey11 says:

    Wowwwww that is amazing. I would love to see it in person one day as well. I had no idea it was used in the Indian Jones movie either. I love those movies!!!!

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