A Girls Bestfriend

As many might know, Diamonds are a girls bestfriend. It is also the hardest and naturally occurring gemstone there is on Earth. A diamond consist of carbon atoms that are connected by strong covalent bonds, which are brought to the surface by volcanic eruptions. Now there are different types of diamonds. You have your gemstone diamond and your industrial diamond.

The gemstone diamond is what you normally see being used for jewelry, simply because of its beauty and quality. A lot of gemstones come in many colors such as pink, yellow and of course clear. The the industrial diamond is used mostly for cutting, grinding, drilling, and polishing procedures. Unlike gemstone diamond, industrial diamonds dont really look at the size but mainly the hardness.

There are a few uses for diamonds for example, windows to cover openings in lasers and x-rays. Then there are diamond speaker domes which enhance the sound quality. Then there are heat sinks that are used to conduct heat away from the heat sensitive parts of high performance microelectronics.

In all, diamonds aren’t just for looking good and making you feel important but they can do some actual work.

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1 Response to A Girls Bestfriend

  1. Yin Thu Htin says:

    Great blog!!!!!!!! I have never heard diamonds are also called a girl’s bestfriend. Good name. Me also. I like diamonds so much and I am really interested in diamonds. I knew some of the useful uses of diamonds more than using it as gemstone. Great blog!!!!!!!!

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