Mølen – a place with history and peace

I’ve been wanting to write about this place for a long time, and now, I felt that the time was here. Mølen is found in Norway, just a little walk from my house. It is a place that a lot of people come to visit every year. The area is regulated by law and it’s not allowed to move or remove stones from their positions. Mølen is a peaceful and people from all over the country and Europe as well, come to visit this pearl. It is Norway’s largest beach of rolling stones and was created by the ice age that appeared for about 10 000 years ago.

Mølen was also an important place for the ancient Viking’s of Norway and used for a lot of different things. Actually, there has been a volcano at Mølen, but as the landscape form of the volcano is gone, there is still rocks and other proof of a deep eroded shield volcano. On the left side of Mølen, you find the area called “Saltstein” or translated to “Saltrock”. It is a beautiful area where people often gather to barbeque or just have a good picnic. The mountains are shaped by the ice age and between them, you find a nice beach with good and soft sand. On the mountains, you find different layers of volcanic ash and some of these layers was created by a massive volcanic eruption. Molten basalt and rhomb porphyry forced its way up through the volcano after the lava had overflowed. Today, we can see these molten substances at “Saltstein”.

Mølen also contains a total of 230 cairns in different sizes, many of them up to 35m in diameter. In one of these cairns, there was found burnt stones, which could indicate a cremation, dating back to the 5th century A.D. The small cairns could be from warriors who fell in battle or where shipwrecked with their captain. Some of the cairns also has the shape of a ship and there is a lot of stories about these cairns from the Viking age or late Iron age. As I mentioned earlier, this area was important to the Viking’s, and is also confirmed as both a battle field and a trading place or a market.

This amazing place is also a stopping spot for birds that are on their way south for the winter. A lot of bird lovers come here every fall to see these birds in groups coming from north and stopping here for a while before they leave for warmer countries. At this time, there has been spotted 316 different types of birds on Mølen.

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3 Responses to Mølen – a place with history and peace

  1. Yin Thu Htin says:

    Wow!!!!!! It is really amazing and beautiful. I can’t wait to visit there. Is Norway your country? Great!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. walmann says:

    Yes, Norway is my country:) It has a lot of beatiful places to visit, so if your ever going to visit, just feel free to ask me anything:)

  3. Yin Thu Htin says:

    Thanks a lot for welcoming to your country. May be I will visit to Norway one day. Thanks.

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