Disasters in Indonesia

I think that the last place I would want to be right now would have to be Indonesia. They have encountered quite a few natural disasters in the past few weeks. The most recent disaster was a volcanic eruption from Mount Merapi, which is on the outskirts of Yogyakarta in Central Java on Friday November 5th. Villages that were 20 km or more had to be evacuated away from the volcano, roughly totalling around 150,000 people that were told to leave.

Mount Merapi has been an active volcano for more that 10,000 years and is Indonesia’s most active volcano. Looking at the last eruption for the volcano it is not surprising that it is one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world. When it erupts it can let out a large amount of lava with a speed of around 100 kms per hour. On Friday Merapi covered Indonesia with a very thick blanket of white ash and gas that spewed out at least 4 km above its crater. Airways have been shut down and rerouted to another airport, driving conditions are bad to the point where lights are required in order to see while driving during the day. Unfortunately because of the eruption around 65 lives were lost, and many are still being found as they go through the ash looking for survivors. A photographer was said to have seen numerous of blackened bodies go into the hospital as a result of their clothing being melted onto their bodies. I can only image the pain or thought of having my clothing and my skin bonded together unwillingly.

Some Indonesians are saying that it is hard to predict now when the volcano will erupt and how deadly it will be. They are saying that it has become much worse than it was in the past. So if is becoming worse, why would villager continue to stay near the volcano? I guess if that’s where they grew up and that’s the only place they know then its possible that they really don’t see the threat.

Earlier I mentioned that Mount Merapi was one of the few disasters that has it Indonesia in the past few weeks, well a few weeks before the eruption a tsunami hit and did a lot of damage. This disaster took roughly around 431 lives and still counting. Would there have been a connection between the two disasters? Did one happened because of the other one I wonder. Either way this is not a good time for Indonesia and its people.

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