Our Water Supply

The earth’s water supply is becoming more of an issue everyday and people are starting to take notice. In developed nations such as us, China, and Japan for example we take water for granted and often abuse the valuable resource. However some people as well as the government are taking notice. The earth is made up of 70% water. So how is it that we could use up our water supply? The freshwater on earth that we use to drink and other resources only makes up 3% of the supply. 1% of the supply of freshwater is available the rest is ice, either in icebergs, glaciers, or snow caps. We now have way more than 6 billion people on earth and we really have only 1% of the total water supply to work with. I know back home in South Carolina their have often been times when the local government would put restrictions on water in times of droughts. They might say don’t use your sprinkler systems everyday and limit it to twice a week. The global crisis that the United Nations is saying that we are in a Water Crisis. What they say is the problem isn’t the shortage of water but they say it is the shortage of clean water. Ever year millions of people die from drinking unsanitary water. In other regions water is just hard to be found. A water shortage effects more than just people using it to drink. It affects agriculture as well as food production. That is why governments are devoted money towards research to find a way to fix a little problem before it becomes a real world crisis.

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One Response to Our Water Supply

  1. aander93 says:

    I had no idea that the amount of fresh water that we have access to makes up only 1% out of the 70% that covers the Earth. Its actually scary because when you think about the large number of people that are living and need water to survive and then you throw in that 1%, its scary. It makes you wonder how long that supply will last, since the population is always increasing.

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