Indonesia: What can Happen in Under 24 hours

On Tuesday, October 26th, Indonesia experienced a frightening chain of events. They were hit by a huge earthquake, which was shortly followed by a tsunami and ended with a devastating volcanic eruption. It is incredible that this all happened within 24 hours! Geologists are still researching and studying data to see if the earthquake had anything to do with the eruption of Mount Merapi. I am honestly in shock and have been following this event on twitter. I think our news has done a terrible job covering this story. I actually don’t even think they did cover this story. Maybe it is too soon, but information is still small and not much is known. I have done some research and would like to give you a full report on the events that have killed hundreds of people in the last week. Jakarta Indonesia was one of the worst places affected by the tsunami. Between the tsunami and volcanic eruption, there have been at least 340 people killed and thousands displaced from their homes. The worst hit region is the Mentawai Islands, which is located off western Sumatra. Unfortunately, rescue and AID is very slow. Health and rescue workers finally reached some isolated areas nearly two days after the powerful 7.7 magnitude earthquake. It caused a 10ft high wave crashing into coastal villages. The tsunami has killed at least 311 people and left 379 missing, according the National Disaster Management Agency. Officials are saying about 16,000 people have been displaced.
As this is happening, rescuers about 750 miles to the east, on the island of Java, scrambled to provide water, food and medicine to tens of thousands of people driven from their homes after Mount Merapi erupted, killed at least 29. The force of the eruption and lahars destroyed houses, terrain and spread ash and debris over the surrounding high-populated countryside. As of now, the volcano has stopped any signs of a larger eruption, but this could have been a warning for a larger eruption in the near future. Geologists will continue to study Mount Merapi to obtain more data about his event. The eruption was predicted to be the largest eruption we have seen in hundreds of years. Luckily, they were wrong and we did not see this. Unfortunately, not much information is known and the media is not doing a great job covering this story in the US, so we don’t know if the worst is over. We need to send AID to the Tsunami victims and find safe places for these refugees to live while Indonesia continues to clean up the aftermath of these natural disasters.

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One Response to Indonesia: What can Happen in Under 24 hours

  1. Wendy Foster says:

    Great blog! I can’t believe we do not have more information about the search and rescue of the people in the affected areas in Indonesia. I can not imagine seeing an approaching 10-foot wave and having no place to retreat. Can you imagine the destruction to the villages it hit? It will take a long time for the people to recover…it is a dynamic area of continual disasters due to its proximity to a plate boundary. Keep us updated!

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