Water on the Moon

A recent lunar exploration on the moon led to the discovery of about one billion gallons of water. This would be enough water to fill about 1500 olympic sized swimming pools. The water that was found was in its solid form of ice. It was however the water we are used to on earth which is H2O. NASA sent a space probe to the moon and crashed it into a permanently shadowed crater towards the Moon’s south pole. This is a big discovery for NASA because it opens a whole new range of possibilities for space exploration.

With the new discovery of one million gallons of water ice, or the solid form of what we know as H2O, it means that astronauts in the future can land on the moon and live there for a while off the water supply. This makes things a lot easier instead of having to transport water through a space shuttle which can take up a lot of room and add a lot more weight to the shuttle. The water ice can also be transformed into fuel by separating  the hydrogen from the oxygen. The left over oxygen in return could be used for breathing in potential future buildings or space craft.

This is a great thing for the astronomic community because it creates options for astronauts. They could do longer expeditions on the moon and be able to explore places normally unreachable. The moon could also become somewhat of a pit stop for longer expeditions out to father destinations. What ever the case, the fact that they found this much water in just one crater on the Moon’s entire surfaces means that there are many more locations possible to find other large quantities of water. Who knows how long it will be before they start constructing base camps near these craters, but i would imagine it will be sooner than later.

Even with the cancelation of the Constellation Project that the Bush administrations set up to return astronauts to the moon, i think that this recent discovery may change the minds of the Obama administration. These discoveries don’t happen everyday and i think it would be a mistake to pass on an opportunity to expand our knowledge of the Moon and space beyond what we already know. If this doesn’t invoke curiosity for exploration, i want to know what will? What ever the case turns out to be, this is an incredible discovery and should not just be overlooked by astronomers and other scientists pursuing greater knowledge and understanding of life, the Earth, and space.

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2 Responses to Water on the Moon

  1. kccarr says:

    This is absolutely amazing! I hope this inspires the space community to do more explorations and studies in space. This is one field that I feel has been overlooked and should promptly receive more attention.

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