Typhoon Megi

Typhoon Megi tore its way through Asia these past few days creating massive mudslides and rock slides within the area.  Taiwan was one of the countries that was hit the hardest. At least 400 people were trapped in their automobiles on Friday alone due to mudslides.  A huge mudslide also went through the White Cloud Temple in Taiwan burying the entire building. This resulted in the death of 7 people.   Along the highways there was also major problems.  Two buses that were carrying Chinese tourist were hit by rock slides. Aboard one bus, 19 people were rescued with only 5 having light to moderate injuries.  The bus driver and tour guide were not found, though.  The other bus has not been found.  On this same highway, a stretch of 500 yards of the highway collapsed trapping around 30 cars and buses. Atop mountainous regions in Taiwan rescuers were able to send food to people while they searched for ways to rescue them.   Around 70 people have been rescued so far.  The hardest area of Taiwan to be hit was Llan. Over 2500 residents had to be evacuated and farmland was under several feet of water.

Several other countries experienced hardship due to the storm. The Philippines lost over two dozen people and the storm damaged thousands of residents homes.  55,000 Filipinos were forced from their homes and over $175 million in damage to infrastructure and crops is expected.  Overall the storm has affected over 280,000 people in the country. The storm was expected to hit China’s Guangdong and Fujian provinces so major preparations were taken.  Over 161,800 people in Fujian have been evacuated to safer locations.  In Guangdong, fishermen have been told to return to port and find safety in one of the 200 emergency shelter locations.  Also, international flights to the region have been canceled as well as ferry services being suspended in the area.  Hong Kong closed its main port as a preventative measure. Crews were sent out to inspect trees and prevent drains from being blocked. While Megi bypassed Vietnam, severe flooding drenched the region killing at least 75 people, swept buses off highways, submerged houses, and caused many people to be left homeless in the process.

When I read about this typhoon, I could not believe the devastation it caused.  That kind of storm is so different then the ones we have here.  In North America we have tornadoes, hurricanes, and a whole myriad of other types of storms, but a typhoon sounds down right scary.  I certainly would never want to be caught in that area when one was going on.

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2 Responses to Typhoon Megi

  1. ncreidler says:

    This sounds like such a devastating event. i am curious to know why so many people were out driving in these conditions? Taiwan is very prone to these types of storms and im sure they knew it was coming so its not like they didnt know what to expect. Anyways, its amazing the power rain and water have on an environment. the mudslides and severe flooding are problems i will most likely never encounter during my life. I hope all goes well in continued rescue efforts

  2. willdogg10 says:

    It’s always terrifying to hear about natural disasters that happen in Asia, mostly because many of the countries across the continent are overpopulated. When a disaster strikes, the death tolls are sky-high and we mourn the tragedy because it’s 400 instead of fifty people that are dying. It’s a matter of the number of people living in a particular area, and in this typhoon, tons of people were affected because of their inability to effectively evacuate. Truly this is a terrible time in Taiwan and China.

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