Mountain top removal for mining purposes

Coal is a very useful mineral to us. It has a variety of uses such as fuel for industries to produce other products. However the methods that we use to retrieve coal is very devastating to our environment. Mountain top removal is basically using explosives to search for coal. This is really bad for the environment because it effects the water ways, our land, as well as animals that live in these habitats. They use strip mining to blow off the parts of the mountain. Most of this method takes place in the Appalachian Mountains area of West Virginia, Tennessee, and Kentucky. The whole process of strip mining starts with trees being cut down. They have to cut down all the trees on the mountain top. This kills animals that live there and sometimes homes are destroyed and people have to be relocated. The explosion that follows from the explosives they use to blow up parts of the mountain varies in size. The larger explosions can be from 700-800 feet of the mountain. Just in April at least 25 workers was killed in a mine explosion in West Virgina. This has brought an mining industry that was already under a lot of pressure because of its major effects on the environment more scrutiny because of the lost of life. Hopefully other methods can be found and are being researched to make mining safer and more eco-friendly.

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2 Responses to Mountain top removal for mining purposes

  1. aander93 says:

    I hate it when people do things that are said to “help” but not realize how much damage they are causing. Yes we need coal but is it really worth it if you have to destroy everything in its path just to get it?

  2. wiley10 says:

    This is a touchy subject. Yes it does destroy the environment…not totally, but it does effect the water source. And living here, I can tell you that you don’t know which mountain is being strip mined or not because you can’t see the top of them unless you live on them. And if people do live on them, the usually get a lump some of money to move off or they don’t strip mine it if the people refuse to move. Strip mining doesn’t sound good to a lot of people including me beacuse I LOVE being outside and I LOVE my mountains…but neither does underground mining. Strip mining is a lot safer for the men that work in the mines. I would take ruining the environment anyday over ruining a life. Coal mining simply isn’t going anywhere because it provides numerous jobs…so it’s one or the other until they come up with another method.

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