I have been wondering this for a minute now, and its really bothering me. When someone is looking to move to a new location or area, why would anyone even think to move near a volcano. Oh but not just any volcano, an active one at that. It just doesnt make any sense to me.

A University of Nevada, Reno researcher decided to look into the health risks of living in an area that is contaminated by constant volcanic eruptions in Hawaii. Volcano Kilauea which sits on Hawaii’s big island has been erupting since 1983 and in March of 2008 and additional eruption vent opened releasing three times the amount of sulfur dioxide gas into the air. The researcher found that many clinics saw three times as many headaches, and twice as many sore throats. It was said that there was an increase in breathing issues with children because children tend to breathe through their mouths instead of their noses. ( Breathing through the nose helps filters the air that goes to the lungs) There was also an increase in breathing issues with people who have asthma, and elderly people as well.

So back to my point, why would anyone move near or continue living near an active volcano? It just doesnt make any sense. For one there are MAJOR health issues involved ( depending on the volcano) and they could possibly be deadly. I wonder what the perks are for moving near one. Is the living cost lower than somewhere where there isnt an active volcano? I cant imagine waking up in the morning and wondering how long will I be able to breathe. Like do you have to wear a mask outside, and if so thats crazy. …..Oh I think I will wear my pink mask today since in wearing my pink shirt…….no not happening.

Volcanoes are dangerous, especially if it erupts on a regular basis. That means that that air near and around that location is always and more likely will always be more contaminated that other places. Not healthy for anyone or thing. It was said that these people were living without air conditioning not just in homes but in schools also. So that means that they had their windows open. Once again I dont see or understand how someone can not see the health risks in living there during an eruption that had made the air two, three times worse. I was just amazed at how the people can ignore the volcano like that. Just very interesting.

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