Blood Diamonds

Blood Diamonds, also known as “Conflict Diamonds” are stones that are produced in areas controlled by rebel forces opposed to internationally recognized governments. The diamonds are sold by rebels, and the money is used to purchase arms or to fund their military actions. Blood Diamonds are produced through the forced labor of men, women and children. They are also stolen during shipment. They can be seized by attacking the mining operations of legitimate producers. These attacks can be on the scale of a large military operation. Then, the stones are smuggled into the international diamond trade and sold as legitimate gems. These diamonds are often the main source of funding for the rebels, however, arms merchants, smugglers and dishonest diamond traders enable their actions. Enormous amounts of money are at stake and bribes, threats, torture, and murder are modes of operation. Blood diamonds are typically associated with Sierra Leone in Angola. The United Nations are currently in an attempt to block blood diamonds from entering the diamond trade. Their approach has been to develop a government certification procedure known as the “Kimberly Process”. This procedure requires each nation to certify that all rough diamond exports are produced through legitimate mining and sales activity. All rough diamonds exported from these nations are to be accompanied by certificates. Nations who agree to participate in the Kimberly process do not participate in any diamond trades with nations that are not a part of the process. There is a movie called “Blood Diamond,” which has been proved to be an almost entirely accurate portrayal of Sierra Leone and the diamond trade.

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  1. Yin Thu Htin says:

    Great blog! It is interesting. I had seen ” Blood Diamond” movie and it is very interesting.

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