Going green this Halloween? What about the candy?

Now, all people in the States are excited for coming Halloween especially children because they can get a lot of candys on the day of Halloween. But everyone should aware about the environment this Halloween.
Even candy can be green (and not just in color). Yet major brands including Hershey’s, Mars, Nestle and Godiva aren’t particularly eco-friendly, according to a new scorecard of 10 large candy companies. Only Theo Chocolate and Endangered Species Chocolate earned top grades.

“We wanted to encourage parents to hand out more sustainable candy this Halloween,” said Gay Browne, founder of Greenopia, a company that rates consumer products and updated its analysis of candy companies this month. “Some of the major brands source unethical ingredients that are grown using unsustainable methods.”

Greenopia’s scores are based on data collected from the companies themselves about ingredient sourcing, transportation methods, attributes of the product’s packaging, and company logistics.

“We were surprised about the lack of environmental progress and transparency by some of the top brands,” said Doug Mazeffa, the company’s research director. “The major brand that stood out in a positive way was Cadbury, having committed to utilizing a large amount of responsibly sourced chocolate starting this year.”

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2 Responses to Going green this Halloween? What about the candy?

  1. kccarr says:

    Chocolate was definitely one thing I left out from the go-green package. In fact, it had not even crossed my mind. I will now try and find these products because who could pass up an opportunity to eat chocolate and save the earth. Its two great things in one package!

    • Wendy Foster says:

      What a neat article!!! We need to spend time checking out manufacturers and supporting those who are using sustainable, eco-friendly methods to produce their products. I am going to have to check out the website, Greentopia, you mentioned. Thanks!

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