Various Types of Storms

On this weekend, I am researching about the formation of storms and various types of storms for my research paper. So I want to share it with you all. There are various types of storms all over the world. Among them, I want to share fourteen types of storms with you and I want to represent the formation of storms first. Storms are created when a center of low pressure develops, with a system of high pressure surrounding it. Their opposing forces can create strong winds. As a result, storm clouds form and various types of storms occur. The first type of storm is Ice Storm. It is one of the most dangerous forms of storms in winter weather. The second is Blizzard and it is known as snow storm with very strong winds. The third one is Snow Storm. It is a heavy fall of snow, usually with a strong wind. The fourth one is Ocean Storm. It is a very dangerous storm at sea. The fifth one is Fire Storm. It is usually with a very large fire. It is created during some of the largest bushfires, forest fires and wildfires. The sixth one is Dust Devil. It is known as the strong wind including the dust. The seventh type of storm is Wind Storm. It is indicated by high winds, and with little or no rain. The eighth one is Squall. It is a violent winds with rain or snow. The ninth one is Gale. It is an extremely strong wind with heavy rain. The tenth type of storm is Thunderstorm. It is a storm with thunder and lightning usually with heavy rain. The eleven is Hurricane. It is known as a violent storm with very strong winds especially in the Western Atlantic Ocean. The twelve one is Typhoon. It is an extreme storm with very violent winds, especially in the East Asian Sea. The thirteen type is Hailstorm, a storm during which hail falls from the sky. The last one is Tornado. It is known as a violent storm with very strong winds which moves in a circle. It is narrower than the top.

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