Trapped Chilean Miners Almost Free

Saturday brought huge relief to the families of 33 trapped miners in Chile. Ongoing rescue efforts to reach the trapped miners finally paid off. Rescue workers were finally able to break through the roof of the collapsed mine with their drill on saturday. With this came celebrating, hoots and hollers, and tears from family members of the trapped miners. The hole is just the beginning of the “Plan B” rescue process. There is still a lot of work ahead for the rescuers as they figure out the best way to widen the hole and extract each of the trapped miners from underground.

Over the next few days, workers will be planing and executing ways to rescue the trapped miners. Before anybody can be brought up out of the mine, a health assessment must be done just to check on the miners and see how they are doing. This will be done remotely by sending down certain instruments through the hole that was just dug down to the miners. Officials and other workers are hoping to have the 33 trapped miners out by as early as this wednesday. Part of this time will be spent trying to determine the safest way to get the miners to the surface by sending a capsule down the hole that was just dug down to the miners.

This is a big relief to the families of the miners, rescue workers, and everybody who has cared about the situation with the trapped Chilean miners. It has been a long process on attempting to rescue the 33 miners, but since August 25 there has been nonstop efforts to finding a solution to the problem at hand. Now over a month later, this saturdays news is almost calming. Now the hole needs to be reinforced and a winch needs to be installed to pull the miners up 2300 feet to the surface.

I am surprised on how these men have been able to survive down in the mine since August 25. The amount of stress these men have been put under plus not knowing if they were going to be able to see light again must be a horrible feeling. I don’t know if I personally would have been able to make it that long in that situation. I can’t imagine the relief that the 33 miners felt when they say that drill bit coming through the ceiling of the mine. I hope the rescue efforts go well when they finally begin to pull people to the surface because if something goes wrong during this phase of the rescue, death will definitely outweigh survival for those trapped in the mine.

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