Could windmills provide energy for the whole planet?

I feel like all over the world, there are discussions about building windmills. Some people want to build windmill-parks to get a better price on electricity and be better prepared for the future. The conflict starts because other people think this will affect our nature in a bad way and not look good at all. If we want to liberate ourselves from the use of petroleum and cover the needs of the world by renewable energy, we have to do something.

This summer, I worked on a factory for REC, Renewable Energy Corporation, and there was a lot of interesting things to learn. I won’t go in detail and tell about the whole process of creating a solar-panel, because that would take forever. My point is that there is a lot to save, both petroleum and money. I also got to see how much electricity that was saved in the factory, just by solar-panels, and it saved them a whole lot of money each year. It is important that we continue the development of renewable energy sources and that we take advantage of the great potential it has.

Back to the windmills, I found an article about the conflict between people that want windmill-parks and those who are against it. It was good arguments from both sides, but one part of it really caught my attention. It said that to cover all of Europe’s needs, it would take up a space on the size of Scandinavia (Norway, Denmark and Sweden). If we build an offshore windmill-park, it will take up a space as big as the ocean between Scandinavia and Britain. Some scientists also think that this is a good idea, not only just because of the savings, but also because they mean that could really help the climate issues that we are facing.

Another suggestion is to build huge solar panel-parks that could do the same thing for our environment. Most people seem to hate these ideas, mostly because they don’t look good at all. Another aspect is that they might be put in areas that are needed for other purposes. In Norway for an example, we have great potential to take advantage of hydroelectricity, but most people would rather have beautiful lakes, rivers etc. They don’t want the amazing environment that attracts a lot of tourists every year, to be destroyed. It is a very interesting discussion and I’m sure they will come up with a smart solution on how to take more advantage out of the renewable energy sources.

A good example of hydroelectricity here in the US is the Hoover Dam, and the picture on top is from California.

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2 Responses to Could windmills provide energy for the whole planet?

  1. ncreidler says:

    I believe that taking advantage of natural energy with wind mills and solar panels is an excellent idea. There are several places to place such machines to harvest natural energy such as desserts or even the ocean. Hydroelectricity can be created from waves as well as dams. This would allow us to take advantage of the open oceans where there is hardly anybody going through. Solar panels and wind mills could be placed in desserts where there is no shade to hinder the solar panels and no trees to block the the wind for the turbines. I think that we should most definitely put up large farms to harvest natural energy, it would drastically save resources and it would be significantly better for the environment

  2. kccarr says:

    I agree with the person who wrote the comment above. There are many areas that could be taken advantage of where a compromise can be met between these two parties. We can still keep nature’s beauty and create new forms of energy. What needs to be realized, though, is that if a compromise can’t be met that natural beauty they want to be saved could be destroyed if we continue using the forms of energy we have now. We need to start thinking about the future as well as the present.

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