Harrat Lunayyir Volcanic Belt Active Once More

In the desert of northwestern Saudi Arabia immediately north of Umm Lajj, a series of extensive, basaltic lava flows running in a line of fifty small volcanic cones spreading a parameter of thirty miles has shown recent activity denoting the chain to be seismically-active once more. The first initial lava flows around Harrat Lunayyir began a whopping one thousand years ago but, since then, activity has not been measured except for sporadically. Counted off as inactive for centuries, the status of the belt was quickly reversed from April to June of 2009, during which 30,000 earthquakes occurred beneath the field, showing a mass surge in the location’s activity level. The tremendous number of earthquakes over this two-month period also created a five-mile long fissure jutting into the belt. Needless to say, the sheer number of earthquakes created quite the cause for concern, with twenty of the quakes registering at a magnitude greater than 4.0. The Saudi Arabian government responded by evacuating approximately 40,000 citizens elsewhere in order to monitor the seismic activity, only then bringing them back two months later once all things were cleared. Active rifting still occurs along the Red Sea Rift where the Harrat Lunayyir Volcanic Belt rests, as the Arabian Peninsula and Africa are still drifting apart. A chain of active volcanoes cuts directly along the center of the Red Sea ocean floor, where intrusions of magma are the cause for rifting, volcanic activity, and earthquake behavior. The implications of this occurrence denote the fact that many volcanic chains believed to be dormant are anything but as we progress into the 21st century; the question now is this: how do we prepare for earthquakes that’re occurring in places we can’t even guess or fathom because all research points to the inactivity of these now-active places? Only time and further research will tell.


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I am a renegade in this world, challenging both myself and others to become more and more inspired by our faith and the God for whom we live every single day. May we take heart in the possibilities that LOVE and SELFLESSNESS have to offer us, and may we come to realize that the greatest luxuries in life are those we participate in that belong to Someone greater.
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