Earthquake in Cucapah

In April 2010 an earthquake occurred in the Cucapah Mountains, near Mexicali. This earthquake registered as a 7.2 and was responsible for the deaths of 2 people. In addition to those deaths it caused sever property damage, including damage to the aqueduct system which lead to crop failure and loss of work for several farmers. What makes this quake so interesting is the fact that the rift occurred several miles west of where geologists had originally believed the fault to lie. Throughout the month of August, members of the USGS and other similar groups spent lots of time studying and mapping the rift, in the hopes of better understanding what had occurred. In several places, fields were tiled or shelves greater that 1 meter tall were formed.

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1 Response to Earthquake in Cucapah

  1. ckloepfer says:

    I didn’t think that the rising of ridges could happen that fast! Thanks Hornik you master of Earth Sciences!

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