A mineral for Extra Credit for the Lab Paper

Couples of weeks ago, our professor told us that we could get extra credit for a mineral if we could identify this mineral for the lab paper. All students wanted to get extra credit so our interests were drifted into this mineral. We tried to identify what is the name of this mineral until the lab time ended. However, we could not identify correctly and made a guess.
When the lab paper of minerals was due, our professor told us that the name of the mineral for extra credit is Halite(NaCl). We all were suprised because the color of Halite we had seen in class is transparent but the color of mineral for extra credit we had seen in lab room is red-brown. So our professor told us that the color of Halite would have various colors, like white, red, blue, brown or colorless but the taste of the mineral is ever salty whatever the color is. But I didn’t taste it and I could not identify it correctly. After the class, I researched the physical and chemical properties of Halite in the book and also in the powerpoint on the moodle.
cleavage – perfect
hardness – 2.5
specific gravity – 2.16
color – transparent, white, red, blue and brown
Streak – white or colorless
Salty taste

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