I was reading this article about newly found fossils that was very interesting. It was said that eight new kinds of animals from the Cambrian era were discovered near the famous Burgess Shale of Canada. This is such a great discovery because a lot of the “sort” parts of the animals were perserved, such as gills and eyes. This is amazing considering how old the fossils are, and where they were found. The “anomalocaridid” , which is what they are calling them, were said to be found above the cliff edge buried in rocks that were once among the seafloor. This is new and amazing since discoverers had said that soft animal fossils were buried in fine mud where there was no oxygen to help the bacteria eat the soft bodies. Im just amazed at how new kinds of animals are being found, and because of that were are able to link old and present animals.I feel like the more we find or discover about life’s history on Earth , the more we will understand it.

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