Gold in Everyday Life

We use gold products everyday whether we know it or not. We all see gold in its most common forms of jewelry, financial currency, dentistry, and awards such as gold medals at the olympics. However, we aren’t always as familiar with gold in its other uses such as its medical use, its use in electronics, computers, and aerospace.

Its medical use is a small list of things. Gold can be used to treat a form of arthritis. A radioactive gold particle can also be injected into the body to treat certain forms of cancer. Gold can also be used to treat a condition known as Lagophthalmos. Gold is implanted into the eyelid and small particles of gold mixed with the effects of gravity help close  eye lid fully. Gold is also used in many life support systems because it is nonreactive and reliable.

In electronics, gold is used as a conductor of low voltage items. The gold is very conductive and is not corrosive. Gold is lost in its largest quantities every year due to the throwing away of electronic devices. Most small devices contain around 50 cents worth of gold in them. Considering how quickly people go through things like cell phones, the amount of gold we throw out adds up quickly. Computers use gold for the same reasons, they just use gold in higher quantities which explains the higher costs.

In aerospace it is used to coat objects in order to reflect radiation and heat in order to keep the instruments safe. It is used in electronics for its conductivity. It is also used as a lubricant between two mechanical instruments.

Gold is also used in glass making in order to add a pigment to the glass. Gold is added to the glass and is suspended in it. Gold is also used in order to keep energy from escaping the building. The gold reflects heat energy from entering buildings in the summer and keeps the cool air from escaping. This keeps the building cool in the summer with a low energy cost. This works vise versa in the winter as well.

When I found out about all the different uses of gold, I was impressed on how many everyday objects gold can be found in. It makes me wonder, what other possible uses for gold are going to be thought of for the future? I cant wait to see what they come up with.

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