Recent studies of the major ice caps around Greenland and Western Antarctica show that the rate that the ice caps are melting is lot slower than most scientists have predicted. Some predictions stated that our oceans would be rising at a rate of around 1 mm a year but recent measurements with GPS and GRACE satellites have shown that those rates are very far off and it is not nearly that extreme. Researchers have pulled evidence to show that over the past 10,000 years the ice caps have melted and frozen, and that it is just a cycle of the earth. Nowadays it is very easy to believe anything we see on television and anything we read online. Anyone can skew statistics to prove their point that we are causing global warming. The “green trend” has gone into full effect and everyone is trying to “save the earth” without exactly knowing quite what they are doing. We see people driving Prius’s to the store to but bottled water or shutting off the lights before they jump in their Suburban. The media has us seriously confused to what is exactly happening to our planet. the general population won’t fully understand unless they see the results of them attempting to “save the planet.” As of now, I see the green movement as a new marketing scheme to make money because people are willing to pay more for a product or service if they think they are helping the planet.

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  1. walmann says:

    That’s true and I also beleive that a lot of companies is taking advantage of the “green-trend”. The ice meltenes and that seems like a problem, but I hope those researchers are right and that the ice is coming back and that it is just a natural cycle. What is another concern is the ozone layer, that is becomming thinner as we let gasses, such as the CO2 into the atmosphere. This comes from cars, industries etc. I wouldn’t call the green project off yet, but I think you’re right about the fact that companies is taking advantage of and earning more money on the green project.

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