Water Crisis in Asia

Over the past year there has been a concern with water in Asia. Millions of people are being affected by flooding and droughts. These events have made it clearer that the “coming water crisis could exacerbate already simmering domestic and regional tensions.” There have been heavy monsoon rains that have been the worst that Pakistan has seen in history. A three week span of flooding has left at least 1,500 dead and more than four million homeless. More than 200,000 Pakistanis have been evacuated as flood waters continue to rise in Singh Province in the country’s south banks. These torrential downpours have been occurring across Asia. Forcing many people into suffering. This water crisis across Asia is becoming much more important and disastrous. Vietnam has also been affected, with many parts of Hanoi under water last month after a major storm struck the country. Causing injury in Vietnam’s case is that the flooding came after a nine month dry spell that disrupted the country’s power supply. A third of Vietnam’s power comes from hydroelectric power plants whose operations have been adversely affected by falling water levels in the Mekong River. Vietnam has not been teh only country in the region to face the “twin curse” or droughts and flooding. The Philippines, ranked as the most disaster prone area in the world, was hit last year by a 12 meteorological and 9 hydrological disasters. The most devastating was last September’s typhoon. These droughts and then floods haven’t helped at all because the water doesn’t have time to soak into the ground because it is coming so fast. Causing trouble with rice planting and any type of crop that is trying to be grown in the region. Homes are being flooded but there is still no water in the faucets, because there is no water in the wells or rivers. Researchers are trying to figure out how they can help the region by getting them water in their homes, and helping all the people out that have been victims of this disaster.

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