This weeks lab and some other stuff…

This past weeks lab was a bit more interesting than last weeks plate tectonic lab. It was nice to have a bunch of hands on samples to use for our lab. It was a bit tedious though going through every test and matching the different minerals based on the data we took from our observations and tests. Going through the lists of minerals with the flow charts, its amazing how such little differences can result in different properties such as color, shape, texture and other things.

Back in high school, I had an environmental science teacher who was a geologist and i was very interested every time he brought out his different samples. Seeing the sulfur in class this past week, i remembered when one of my friends in class decided to taste the sample he had in front of him. He had no idea what he was tasting until he asked the teacher what it was he had just licked. When our teacher said he had just licked sulfur, a priceless expression came across his face. This was one of the experiences that made me enjoy environmental classes.

My teacher often told us of jobs he was offered, and turned down to teach. It made me think of what i might want to do when im out of school. Since he was a geologist, he was offered a job from exxon mobile just out of college and was offered a six figure salary. His job was going to be determining where oil was underneath the ground and telling them where to drill and not to drill for the black gold. I am partly trying to go into an environmental profession because of job security and a hefty starting salary. It also helps that i am interested in this stuff.

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One Response to This weeks lab and some other stuff…

  1. nrcook14 says:

    I also thought it was better to do a lab with more hands-on activities. It seems to make it more interesting and be of more value to work on. I never thought that rocks would be that hard to identify until this past lab, so that was something different that posed a challenge.
    I am alo going to be majoring in the environmental field. Over the past few years, it has become something very important to me and I hope to find a career in which I can help our planet and really “Go Green.” I haven’t decided what to go into exactly after college, but I hope to enter the Peace Corps after I graduate. I think this would give me an opportunity to kick-start my work for the environment in some way, and I really hope to find a career that will allow me to travel.

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