New Fault Line in New Zealand

A recent 7.1 magnitude earthquake rocked the city of Christchurch last week. The earthquake was so powerful that it created a new fault right through the outskirts of the city. The new fault has changed the landscape of many properties and in some cases shifted the land over 11 meters. The fault has ripped houses apart and torn up roads. I could go into more details about the quake but what interests me most is how does a city go about rebuilding after a new fault has been torn through it. When a fault rips through a road, you cannot just patch it up. When your property gets torn in half and one side is 11 meters higher than the other, what do you do with that property? Places once inhabited by people are now wasted plots of land in the middle of a city. I think about if a new fault line was created near a big city on the East Coast, although not really possible, it would create complete havoc. Could you imagine parts of New York City 11 meters higher than other parts. It’s almost unimaginable. Luckily we are not on an end of a tectonic plate and we do not have to worry about faults ripping apart our cities.

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