“Going Green” On The Next Level

Damon van der Linde and Steven Peck have a new way of going green. A greenhouse roof is a new or existing roof that has a high quality water proofing and root repellant system, a drainage system, filter cloth, and plants. It’s basically a garden on you roof…your WHOLE roof. Not all houses will fit the same green roof; they have to be custom fit to your roof. They are categorized as intensive or extensive based on the depth of the growing area, but if and when you get the correct fit, it can cut the cost of owning a household.

It can provide savings on heating and cooling. Environment Canada, a government agency found that a usual one story building with a grass roof and 3.9 inches of growing medium would lead to a 25% reduction in summer cooling needs. Greenhouse roofs decrease storm water runoff simply because the plants absorb it…but unfortunately it doesn’t catch all the runoff. The excess runoff has been tested and the plants tend to somewhat decontaminate the water. Studies have shown that a typical roof’s runoff can contain a high concentration of pollutants from rainwater, roofing materials, and atmospheric deposits. The plants used in green roofs help decontaminate runoff by loading fewer pollutants into the storm water system. Greenhouse roofs can also be used as wildlife sanctuaries although that is not one of their main purposes. They also support urban food production as you can grow on your roof. Rooftop agriculture can help mitigate the negative impacts of urban sprawl, improve food security and involve communities in food production. Along with all these magnificent facts, green roofs can also support and improve solar energy. The efficiency of a solar panel drops as temperatures increase. A green roof can boost solar-panel efficiency and the amount of power they produce by reducing the roof’s temperature. AND, to pay back the roof for helping it, the solar panels can help protect the green roof from wind damage.

I don’t believe the cost of trying to go green is really worth it, although, there are some “Go Green” gods out there that I’m sure just love the idea! Money wise, it’s not going to give back to you the money and effort that is put into it. However, it really will benefit the environment if done correctly! This is just another way that brilliant humans are putting their minds to work in effort to save our planet. Just another creative way that brilliant humans have come up with to help save our planet! 🙂

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3 Responses to “Going Green” On The Next Level

  1. walmann says:

    Sounds like a really good idea! But as you say, this is also a money issue, as most green-projects. I think we should invest more in these kind of projects that can do great thinngs for our earth and the people that we leave behind when we leave. The challenge in this green-projects is to find out what works and where we can get the best “treatment” for our planet for the money we put in it.

  2. ncreidler says:

    This is pretty awesome. I haven’t heard of anything like this before. It is a cleaver idea to reduce energy costs of living which reduces the amount of energy needed to be created by power plants. Its too bad its not cost effective for the average person to purchase because it has potential to lower a populations carbon footprint by quite a bit. If they were able to make it a cost effective procedure, i think people should look at making it a regulation for some housing developments or communities.

  3. aander93 says:

    I really like this idea, and from the sound of its benefits it could really do great things for our environment. It is so hard to live in our world these days especially with prices sky rocketing everywhere and on everything. It would be nice to have housing cost cut down, but only thing would be the cost of doing it. It seems like a great idea that would work to improve the environment…..if everybody could afford it.

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