Good day, this is my first time blogging so this will be a learning experience.   I will try to keep my blog both informative and interesting and hopefully a little entertaining. Today’s subject is earthquake faults/plates.

The San Andrea’s fault is a transform fault that runs from Cape Mendocino in northern California to Brawley in southern California; the fault is part of a multiple fault system that divides California. It made San Francisco famous on April 18, 1906 as the largest recorded earthquake in California history.  About 83 years later the San Andrea’s fault made history again in San Francisco on October 17th 1989 as it halted the 3rd game of the World Series and became the first earthquake on live TV.

So what are transform plates? Transform plate boundaries are zones of shearing where plates slide horizontally past each other.  In the process, lithosphere is neither created nor consumed but significant topographic features are produced.

So in basic terms the two sides of the plates slide next to each other, not so much into each other or away from each other some separation may occur but not giant chasms as seen on TV. More of an up and down type rise, depending on the type of soil in the area. San Francisco was built on marshland and sandy soil and as the plates shift the areas with wet less stable consistency have the most movement and thus the most damage took place in these areas. Properties that were built on more stable bedrock had less damage as the soil was solider and took the shift in the plates better.

Since the 1906 quake geologist and scientists have learned a lot about earthquakes, how and where to build safer more earthquake resistant properties, California has done many retrofit projects on buildings, bridges and roadways over the last several years in order to try to defend its self against future earthquakes. If you’ve been watching all the doomsday movies out lately and you’ve seen California split apart at the fault line and fall into the sea and thought you’d call a realtor to buy property just east of the fault line so you’ll own beach front property after the big one don’t waste your money.  As stated earlier the San Andrea’s fault is a transform fault not a divergent plate. Divergent plates are plates that cause separation which a topic for another blog.

Well I hope you’ve enjoyed my first attempt at blogging and I hope you’ll post your comments soon, both positive and negative feedback is helpful.

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