New Zealand Quake Shakes City

A recent earthquake in New Zealand caused some major damage to the city of Christchurch. This sunday, September 5, a massive 7.0 magnitude quake shook the city with incredible force and destroyed several businesses and homes. It was one of the largest earthquakes the city has seen in the past 100 years. Fortunately, the destruction of could have been much worse than what we see now. Recent building standards were set in response to the quake in Haiti a few years back, these standards are being attributed to the city not being completely destroyed and the few deaths that occurred.

After talking about faults and earthquakes this past weekend, i was surprised to see a large earthquake occur so soon after our class topic. The active Alpine Fault occurs on New Zealand where the Australian Plate and Pacific Plate come together.  The Pacific Plate is converging into the Australian Plate being subducted under the Australian Plate. In addition to the Pacific Plates movement into the Australian Plate, the two plates are also moving past each other. These movements causes over one hundred earthquakes which can be felt per year in New Zealand.

I cant imagine what it would be like to experience an earth quake, let alone a major earthquake. The only natural disasters i have experienced are those we get here in North Carolina. Hurricanes and the occasional tornado is all i have seen in my hometown of Durham, North Carolina. We have not have anything as destructive as the 7.0 earthquake today in New Zealand. New Zealand being a first world country will be able to recover from it a lot better than other places in the world. They will be able to rebuild and replace businesses and homes easier and continue on with life because of the countries wealth. This was part of the devastation in Haiti, they did not have any money to start over with. Im glad i have never had to deal with something as disastrous as this incident, i am not sure what my family and i would do if our home was destroyed or if my parents jobs were destroyed due to an earthquake.

When disasters like the earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand occur makes me want to be able to help out those who were affected by it. I have often thought about perusing a career or job in disaster prevention. I hope everything goes well in efforts to rebuild Christchurh, New Zealand and i pray i never have to experience such a disaster myself.

This is my first blog ever, let me know what you think, good or bad, i’m open to criticism and appreciate complements. I hope to improve the quality of my posts each time.

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