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Iceland Volcano Eyjafjallajokull Effects

Last April of 2010, I was in Copenhagen, Denmark along with some fellow high school peers on an organized school trip. We were originally planned to be staying for a full 7-day week, but little did we know that Geology … Continue reading

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The Curious Nature of a Double Earthquake

In a pair of recent studies in Nature magazine, geophysicists/seismologists have uncovered a staggering quip of breakthrough research: on September 29, 2009, a tsunami struck the shores of Samoa, American Samoa, and Tonga, the aftermath of the disaster leaving in … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Fall 2010 Geology (ENVR 102) Course Blog

Welcome to Geosmin!  I am looking forward to an exciting semester exploring the fascinating, dynamic, complex and multi-dimensional world of geology.   Below you will find some simple rules and guidelines to ensure we have an open and inviting forum … Continue reading

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