Minerals used in buildings

The due date on our papers are closing in fast so I decided to get going on my research for my paper on how the use of minerals in our everyday lifes affect society.  First, I looked into which minerals where used for each aspect of building a house for example.  Do we take for granite how much nature gives to us just to put a roof over our head?

The first housing feature I researched for buildings was concrete.  There are three basic minerals in concrete. These three are: calcite, gypsum, and illite.  These together make concrete easy to form when wet, quick to settle or harden, and strong and impermeable when set. 

Another material was bricks, which are simply enough made from clay, which is a sedimentary rock made up of superfine materials. When the clay is fired it makes a rigid/strong material that is impermeable and makes for a good insulator. 

Plasterboard is made from gypsum which is also very easy to form when wet just like cement. 

To make nuts, bolts, and screws, the minerals geothite, magnetite, and sphalerite are used.  These three mixed makes for strong, rigid, hard, and rustproof materials.  Plus, we all know that copper makes up for good wiring and plumbing materials.

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