Reflection of the Semester

           Out of everything that has been studied there are a few subjects that can be classified as my favorite or the ones that I found the most interesting. The first which I wrote both my research paper and a blog on is the New Madrid Fault and the fact that a major earthquake could be looming in the distance.

            The earthquake of 1811, or should I say the many earthquakes that struck the area that December, left considerable damage to the land and its people. There was noticeable topographic change and it was documented that large chunks of land were displaced. Not many people lived in this area during this time so the loss of life was minimized but the thought of this happening now is terrifying. The area is highly populated and not only are the people not as aware about their living situation as they should be, the building structure codes are not where they should be. The necessary precautions that need to be taking are fascinated and it is interesting to see what this area does.

            Another topic that I was more interested in than I thought I would be in North Carolina Geology. When we first started talking about the different regions, Blue Ridge, Piedmont, and Coastal, I felt as if I was back in every science class I had ever taken in the North Carolina Public School System. But as we continued with the material and learned the different geologic belts, or areas with similar geological compositions, I was intrigued with the area that I live in. I live in the Kings Mountain Belt which is made up of metamorphic materials and which contains a very important mineral, Kyanite.

            In class we talked about how in the 1990s a company wanted to do mountain top removal mining of Crowder’s Mountain to retrieve the Kyanite. Luckily, this was stopped when Crowder’s Mountain State Park was started. It is crazy to think that the Mountain that sits in my backyard could look completely different and that my area could be dealing with the effects of mining, like contaminated water.

            I have always had an interest in science, especially environmental science, but I never really considered geology or its role in everything. Looking at things from a geological perspective affects the way I think about any science in the end and is something that should be considered. Although I may not have enjoyed every minute of the class (I am now just writing twelve blogs) it will help me in the long run as I pursue not only a science degree but a career in science as well.


About SamParton

I am a senior, Biology major at Queens University of Charlotte look for an engaging and meaningful career path.
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One Response to Reflection of the Semester

  1. thefinch26 says:

    That’s cool to find out what you thought to be your favorite part of class because my favorite parts were defiantly the volcano part, plate tectonics, and seismic activity and how it travels through different surfaces.

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