landslide clean ups, warning signs and preventions.

Landslide cleanup methods consist of using a helicopter to lift out some of the rocks if possible also using cranes and large trucks. This process can take time if there are no ways to access and transport the rock out of the area. Also this can be very expensive to do because you need to have a lot of workers to perform a job such as this and also you have to have alternative routes. But when the landslide affects other factors such as the landslide that occurred in Washington a month ago it affected a stream. The landslide affected the flow of the stream which left lots of fish stranded on shore with no water supply. This caused additional problems that had to be dealt with in a timely manner or lots of fish would be dead. Other than the immediate affect of a landslide and how to deal with the cleanup it is important to be aware of some ways to tell whether you are at risk for a landslide.

Some warning signs that may help you in predicting a landslide are saturated ground that typically does not get saturated, new cracks or unusual bulges in the ground, street or pavement, soil moving away from the foundation, broken water line or underground utilities. These are all common in a landslide risk areas because the ground is shifting and with these shifts other things would occur such as the things listed above. Some areas that are typically prone to hazards such as landslides consist of old landslides areas, or at the base of a steep slope, or old landfills. These tend to be prone to landslides because obviously the land has suffered such a hazard before so it is possible for it to happen again, because the natural cause is most likely still there and will affect the environment again.  Some areas that are safer and not likely to have landslides are on hard non-jointed bedrock that has not moved in the past. Relatively flat lying areas that are away from sudden steep slopes that may cause landslides. Besides the signs of a landslide there have been some techniques to help prevent landslides from occuring.

There have been ways discovered to help prevent landslides from occurring, a lot of these methods will be incorporated along high ways or river beds because there is so much activity in the area they need to protect it. The methods that are used are; they drill deep holes in to the landslide prone areas and place big restrains into the ground. Then they insert a small restraining wall that helps prevent small land and rock slides from occurring. Then they also do some anchor work to prevent the soil from moving which looks like a large net, along the banks of the river or stream they insert revetment wall so there’s no erosion that would be carried down the stream. They will also have a dam downstream that helps prevent sediment from going down the shore line and causing erosion which would lead to a landslide potentially. This method is said to help prevent landslides from occurring there is no garuntee with anything when deal with the earth but they have discovered ways to make it safer.

The affects of a land slide on a society can be very drastic and cause lifelong damages to an individual and a town. Landslides occur in 50 states in the United States and claim at least 25-50 lives every year. One specific landslide they focus on was one in Utah that caused between 1.6 billion dollars worth of damage to 3.2 billion. There is a lot of buildings that has to be replaced weather they are public or private and it needs to be financed some way or another. The USGS believes that some  indirect cost of landslides include, reduced real estate values and property tax revenues in areas that are at risk for landslides are affected greatly. There is a loss in the industrial and agricultural market in most cases and tourism will be affected because once a landslide occurs they will need to rebuild in order to have that appeal again. Roadways and transportation will be affected as shown with the event on interstate 40 in North Carolina. There is no way to stop these events from occurring we can only better our knowledge of them and better prepare ourselves. They shoot lasers into the ground that can also help predict whether the land is stable or not, which then allows us to know where we should be our houses, schools, towns, malls and anything else we desire. With modern technology there has been improvements in preventions, and saving lives but accidents and unexpected events do happen.

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  1. samparton says:

    After the I-40 landslide I think it is important that we are better aware of why and how these events occur and that we try to not outplay nature. You are right we cannot control these events we can only be better prepared.

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