Ideas about Global Warming

Many credible scientists today still do not believe that Global Warming exists. They believe that it is just a cycle that occurs naturally, just like the last Ice Age. The temperature has been this high before and humans had nothing to do with the increase in temperature. A wide range of people around the world say that the facts are not true, none of the findings are true, and that actually the last U.S. observation found that the global temperature actually decreased. From a variety of scientists to Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska, the Republican Vice-President candidate in the 2008 Presidential Election, there are wide range of people that believe that humans are not contributing to this climate change at all. These opponents do not believe that anything is going to happen anytime soon and we do not have to worry about anything. During the 70’s, many people were stressing out because they thought there was going to be an Ice Age, so today older people seem like they do not want to be tricked a second time or do not really care about our future generations. Other people do not want to believe in it just because they are plain out lazy and they do not want to change their lifestyle.

From research and my personal opinion, the facts are true. In 2007, the Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change (IPCC) has proclaimed that observed air and sea warming is due to human activity (>90% confidence). Using ice cores and carbon dating, scientists are able to see and compare the amounts of carbon in the atmosphere from about ten thousand years ago. Today, we have the highest amount of atmospheric carbon in the history of the world at 380 parts per million and approaching 400. It is apparent that these changes are happening and it is time for many to change their lifestyles. Even both of the candidates for the 2008 Presidential Election have acknowledged the importance of climate change and have showed initiative to change. Richard Monastersky says that, “Both John McCain and Barack Obama have pledged to reverse the course of past administrations and demonstrate leadership on the issue of climate change by cutting domestic emissions sharply” (1-2). Many famous environmentalists like Al Gore, Thomas Friedman, and Rachel Carson have all shown factual evidence in their concern for our future health. Many people today sense that there is always constant pressure towards being environmentally friendly. Some may see this “pressure” as a joke, but others perceive it is a hint of what is to come.

Even though some Americans may recycle every once in a while, or drive a small car that is easy on the wallet, it is still not the effort our Earth needs to keep our future generations succeeding. The truth of the matter is, the evidence of anthropogenic climate change is now apparent and compelling. Diarmid Campbell-Lendrum, Carlos Corvalan, and Maria Neira state in a study by The World Health Organization (WHO), that over the past century the temperature of the Earth’s surface has increased by more than 0.8 degrees Celsius (161). This increase may not seem like much of a difference, but from looking at what Thomas Friedman had said, that there is only a six degree Celsius difference between the Ice Age and the temperature of our current environment, it is astonishing how realistic and close we are to a completely different planet. With this excessive heating, health-related problems are sure to rise. Whether it is the sea levels rising or the future spread of diseases, global warming is real. It is a fair bet that this climate change is going to lead to a rise in human sickness and death.

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One Response to Ideas about Global Warming

  1. wwhite2221 says:

    More people believed in global warming before it was made into a political topic. Many years ago, it was OK to be an environmentalist in any party. No days, the litmus test for one party is to call Global warming a lie. Once again, money will always dictate the country’s choice.

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