It’s Water….In Space!!!

You drink it everyday. You frolic in it. You splash it on your friends. That’s right, folks. It’s water. It’s boring and you see it every day of your human life. But what happens when you take that boring everyday substance and put it in space?!?! Well, it’s still kind of boring, but, it at least provides geologists here on Earth with some pretty important clues of how other planets function and whether or not we could be the only one’s in this lonely universe. By studying places on Earth that support life, we may be able to predict similar conditions on other planets that would hold the same amount of life. Of course, don’t expect to see full-bodied mountain goats or wild buffalo walking around Mars, but with some application of some well-placed satellites, we should be able to determine whether there are any microscopic organisms that would be able to survive in such a hostile environment.

We can use man-made satellite to scan the terrain of planets that may have a possibility of sustaining life. As of now, Mars is the only one we can get to that we believe could hold, or once held, some amount of life. Due to geologic formations on the surface, such as canyons or “branch-like” valleys, scientists believe that water is could have made these formations and that there could possible be more water somewhere else on the surface. Water, is what most consider being fundamental for the sustaining of life. These “extremophiles” are microscopic organisms that thrive in extreme conditions. They are also believed to be the key to unlocking the mystery of how life developed on our own planet.

Similarly, satellites can be used to study water patterns on our own planet. Using thermal imaging, we can determine how much each field on a farm uses and then use that information to decide whether that farm is using too much or not enough water. This information would help us use are fresh water supply more efficiently and as everybody knows, saving the environment is numero uno on everyone’s agenda.

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One Response to It’s Water….In Space!!!

  1. samparton says:

    I saw this article too. Although I think it is fascinating I think we should focus our time, efforts, and money on saving the planet we live on (go copenhagen conference). But at least we know the Martians have/had water (and possibly pools?) too.

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